Why BBTLine RF Splitters Combiners? 
                                                   Low Loss
                                                   High Power
                                                   Excellent Balance
                                                   Low Cost 

Recent Circuit Modifications Push SMT Splitter Bandwidths to 7 GHz:

New Layout Modifications 
Push Bandwidth to 7 GHz

Measurement S-Parameters For Improved 7 GHz SMT Splitters:

Improved 7 GHz 2-Way SMT

Improved 7 GHz 4-Way SMT

Improved 7 GHz 4-Way, Version 2, SMT
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7 GHz

Datasheet Release of BroadBand Coupler, SMP-Connectorized:

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Press Release
SMP Coupler

Datasheet Release of 8 Way Surface Mount Splitter Combiner,
​500 MHz to 7 GHz :