Advanced Design System ADS Simulator Examples:

1) The Data Access Component (DAC) in ADS is a powerful tool  for accessing data files, yet not always easy to use. 

Here is a simple example to view several S-parameter files simultaneously:

  1. ADS, Advanced Design System, Data Access Component, DAC
A Simple Data Access Component (DAC)
Example (.pdf)

2) Placing Ports For Surface Mount Components in ADS Momentum Is not Always Obvious and can result in poor simulation results if not done correctly. 

Here is a simple Transmission line example demonstrating this:

  1. RF Simulation, ADS, Advanced Design System, RF Port Simulation, RF Ports, Surface Mount Port Definition
A Simple Momentum Port Placement
Example (.jpg)

3) Simulate Curved RF Traces Correctly With ADS Momentum:

  1. RF Trace, ADS, Advanced Design System, Momentum, Arc Resolution
A Curved RF Trace...The Right And Wrong Way (.pdf)